Urban Decay spectrum pallete Review and swatches.

Available exclusively at Sephora this season, it is great pallete for Beauty lovers who like little bit of that pop of the color. Pallete features 15 full size urban Decay eyeshadows in remarkably chic black jewelry box. True to the name spectrum palette ranges hues of blues, purples, pinks and neutrals.  

If you are looking to spend money on something colorful this seasons. The Urban decay spectrum palette is worth it’s price and  great addition to collection. With vibrant shades like evidence, deep end, prank and backlash. Combining that with shimmery shades such as bordello, burn, voodoo and junkie. Eyeshadows are highly pigmented with velvety texture.  

And if you ask Aria; she would say well worth it.

courtsey of sephora.ca


Makeup Tips for starters- How to find the perfect foundation shade.

Firstly, let me start with how it’s not fair that no foundation ever perfectly matches the skin tone! Seriously it just always has to be a constant battle of mixing different shades.
Now that I have put that out there ladies the best foundation for makeup starters are not ones I can list. It is what will work for your skin and that takes some time investment!

Follow these steps in order and you just might end up with perfect skin tone foundation.

  1. Write down what is type of your skin type from one of these three -dry, normal or oily/greasy and follow this chart to find the foundation type best suited for your skin.   
  2. Get dressed in your comfy clothes and go to your closest department/drug store so you can try few different kind of foundations on. Ladies try on side of your cheek and see if it matches your neck and body. 
  3. Try the sample version of your matching skin tone foundations as it might not sit well with your skin texture. Always take the car for test drive ladies! 

Voila! You will be matched with your best matching foundation shade.